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I had some trouble with my car battery the past couple of days. The bad news is that I was nearly stranded a couple of times, the good news is that Chris (at Monroe Tire) replaced the battery for free since it was less than one year since I bought it and I re-learned how to jump start my car. I practically a pro. This is definitely a resume booster. J/k. (Kind of.)

I had dinner with Chelsea last night at Cantina 1511 (do get their queso, DO NOT get their vegetable picadillo. so. gross.) On our way to grab a cup of coffee after dinner, we saw a guy in the parking lot next to our restaurant trying to start his car, but the hood was up in typical 'broken-down-on-the-side-of-the-road' fashion. Then the adventure began.

We asked him if he needed any help, or if he needed us to call anyone for him. He started talking, but then it went all Charlie Brown's teacher on my and all I heard was "blaaaah blaaaah blaaaah" and all I saw was his lanky build, short stature, metro outfit and girly voice. Chelsea and I made eye contact, both realizing that he was no match for the two of us gym rats and proceeded to grab the jumper cables out of my car.

While Chelsea explained common starter connection problems I began connecting the jumper cables. I then followed up with a brief explanation of alternators and batteries. The guy looked like we were speaking Finnish. He cranked his car, which started flawlessly, and then we encouraged him to drive straight home. He nearly burned rubber leaving the parking lot. I'm not sure what scared him off: our vast car knowledge or general hotness.....probably the hotness factor.

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chelsea said...

hahaha! i love that you told this story exactly how it happened and it still seems somewhat unbelievable. we are so awesome.

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