Sorry about all the recaps---our life can get a little bit crazy. At least I'm getting some of our fabulous stories up here though, right? I mean WHAT would you do with your day if you couldn't read about all this fabulousness?!?!?!

Two Saturdays ago Josh and I went to our first children's birthday party. It. Was. Awesome.

Our friend Miles turned one year old. We're actually friends with his mom and dad, Leigh and Brad, but we like Miles too....especially when he invites us to a party at the lake. The party was at this sweet house on Lake Norman, the food was super yummy, the babes were totally well-behaved and they had jet skis!

the birthday babe

the only couples without kids. we had so much fun!

we were loving the salt-water pool

Can we talk about how freaking amazing the food was? Thanks for making us all look bad Leigh!

what a sweet sweet family

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