photographer friends.

I have four friends that are photographers, and boy are they talented. I love having friends with a unique skill; I feel cooler just by association. (Its probably really hard for you to imagine me not being cool on my own merit, isn't it?)

I really do feel lucky to be friends with Sharon, Lindsey, Cat and Sunday; they're all so fun, energetic, loving, kind, anthropologie-looking....on one hand I want to introduce them all so we can all be friends together but secretly I'm keeping them from all hanging out with each other because they'd figure out that I'm not really cool/stylish/talented enough to really be their friends....and then I'd have to just be a stalker, which I am so not into.

Lindsey (known by her dear friends as leelee....see how close we are?!) took a few pictures of us at a friends wedding. She was the photographer for the wedding, but I couldn't help but ask if she would take a couple quick pics of me and Josh. I certainly don't mind being annoying, do I?

I love this picture of me and Josh.
I'm going to have to order a copy!

Lindsey definitely did not ask us to pose like this.
We just did.
I like to call it our prom/Vogue/hurry-up-and-take-the-picture-i'm-about-to-die-laughing picture.
(check out that headband! its so Blair from 'Gossip Girl')

Check out these girls a book a session today----you won't be dissapointed, I give you my word...which is as good as law in 8 counties.

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sunday said...

oh my goodness blair! i did not even know you knew i was doing photography and here i am getting free advertising from you! how wonderful. thank you so much and i don't mind being compared to anthropologie at all!

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