the day josh made me go outside

Josh asked me to go on a hike to Upper Creek Falls. I reached for the phone to call 911, because clearly he was suffering from a brain injury. Me? Go for a hike? Does he even know me at all? Then he told me there would stop for homemade ice cream on the way and I was officially on board.

We rode up with a bunch of friends: Jordan, Baird, Hef, Grace, Austin, Joey and Alyson. Here are some pictures from the trip

Thank goodness for good friends.
Hef, Grace, Baird and Jordan

Josh getting ready for the hike.
Don't worry, I made him get a haircut.

Baird jumping off a cliff.
She is so hardcore. And pretty. And sweet.
I kind of hate her for it.

keeping a safe distance from the cliffs

group shot!

proof that alyson and i survived the hiking

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