About 20 minutes after I posted my "JITA" post yesterday, I got a call from my sister Lauren. From the plane. That was supposed to have taken off. And didn't.

That's right....apparently I put out some bad travel-karma yesterday. Lauren and Jon ended up sitting on their plane for 2 hours on the runway (isn't that funny? models use a runway and so do planes....weird) and then they were notified that there was a malfunction and they were going to have to get on a different plane and have an extra layover.

Dear Lauren and Jon,
I'm sorry that I ruined your flight to NYC.
I was just trying to be witty on my blog.
I didn't mean to send out bad travel-karma.
Please forgive me.
ps: don't forget to wave to me on the Today show
pps: I want a fake Longchamp bag if you can find one

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