Oh, St. Valentine

I was single on Valentine's Day for most of my life. So, I never put much stock into Valentine's Day gifts.......until I met Josh. Then I got really excited about gifts and wondered what Josh would buy me each Valentine's Day.

In the beginning of our relationship, Josh would ask/I would give him a list of suggestions of things that I liked. You kind of have to do those things when you're getting to know each other. Now things are a little different. Instead of giving Josh a laundry list of things I do like and would like to receive for a gift, I've been giving Josh ideas of things that I don't like. This way he can be creative and I can still get a good gift.

So guess what is at the top of my "please-don't-buy-this-for-me-or-I-will-think-that-you-kind-of-detest-me" list? The Jane Seymour 'Open Heart' Necklace:

1. I think that this kind of looks like a snake. No, I take that back. It really looks like a snake. Creepy.
2. Why exactly is Jane Seymour qualified to design jewelry? I thought it was a stretch for her when she was in 'Wedding Crashers', but really? Jewelry designer?!
3. Kay Jewelers is carrying this same necklace with diamonds in it for $1200!! Seriously? I diamond encrusted snake necklace for $1200? I'll take a mortgage payment over that any day.
4. And by the way, the only person who should buy this necklace is Medusa...'cause it kinda goes with the whole 'look' she's going for.
Please Jane, go back to being Dr. Quinn, medicine woman. We liked you better with Sully.


The Schweppes said...
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Schweppe said...

I am so glad you detest that thing. I was so scared and almost lost all faith when I glimpsed this image, soooooo glad it's not one of Blair's Favorite Things!

Pashmina and Pearls said...

It is a body. the top part is the "chest" and the bottom heart is the butt. Maybe J-Lo's body, she is well rounded. Everytime I see it I seriously think Bumps like a truck.

chelsea said...

oh blair.
i got a little scared when i saw that picture on your post. i would have lost all faith in you as a fellow fashionista.
i have been saying forever that necklace looks like a snake! it is the epitome of crappy mass-produced, over-marketed jewelry, right up there with the forever diamond chain (hate those) and those little people made out of semi-precious stones that you can string onto a necklace to represent all your children.
i'm glad we see eye to eye on this one. also, i appreciate how the ad for this necklace makes dr. quinn look like she's such an artist when really any three-year old could paint the design she came up with!

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