Return to Sugar Mountain

After a 4 year hiatus from skiing, I returned to Sugar Mountain last night.

Josh and I usually have Young Life on Thursday nights out at GWU, but we decided cancel College Life and tag along on the GWU ski trip. It would've been even better if some of our College Life kids went on the trip. Oh well, can't win 'em all.

We left Shelby around 2:30pm and arrived at Sugar around 4:45. And then I remembered why I don't ski. Its cold. Very cold.

I was nervous and anxious about skiing. I hadn't been in so long. What if I forgot how to ski? What if I fell and broke a bone? What if I looked fat in ski clothes?!?!

long under wear and fleece and down jacket and shell? check.
glove liners and another pair of glove liners and wool mittens and waterproof mittens? check.
llama printed toboggan? check?
josh's girly purple snow goggles? check.
looking like I'm headed to Antarctica for the whole winter? check.

Josh and I hoped on the lifts as soon as they opened at 6pm. The first run was...well...slow. I pretty sure I clocked in at around 2.1 miles per hour. Now, I didn't "snow-plow" or "pizza-slice" or whatever you people call it. I just made it down Easy Street at a nice, safe speed. Yes, Easy Street is a green run and yes, it is the next step up from the bunny slope. But I did awesome. I'm not sure if it was my amazing athleticism finally coming out or my skis:

Ok, so I kinda cheated and got these snazzy Snow Blades. But I'm kinda in love with them. Call me a cheater, but it made the whole "why-are-we-hurling-ourselves-down-a-mountain-is-it-really-only-19-degrees-i-think-i-just-got-frostbite-a-little-bit-I-almost-just-fell-off-the-ski-lift" experience worth it to me.

Six hours, seven hand-warmers and one sai good-bye to my snowblades later, we were back in Shelby. Ah, winter.....I might not hate you so much anymore. I might almost like you.

*Many thanks to Amy Brown for the photos!
*And, I was actually really awesome at skiing, but I didn't really want to brag about myself on here. I mean, I never brag on here. So, if you want to hear stories of my snowblading-prowess, be sure to ask Josh.

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