what's with all that hammering?!?!

"what's with all that hammering?!?!?!"
These have been the first words out of my mouth every morning this week. It seems in my oh-but-i'm-still-kind-of-alseep-please-don't-wake-me-up-or-i-might-accidently-hurt-you stage between sleep and awakeness could also double as amesia. I guess some things we never quite master...mine just happens to be having my brain functioning at full capacity. Oh well, we can't have it all, can we?

So are you wondering what the hammering was all about? Here's a hint:

Yay! We got a port-a-potty! My dream of home-ownership is now fully complete. Ah, the sweet American Dream.

Just Kidding. We're getting new neighbors....or at least new construction men.

I wonder what they folks will be like that move into this house....maybe they'll build a huge ginormous house than dwarfs mine but still manages to bring up the value of my home, have a tether-ball court and invite me over to play, have a minature pony that I can play with and leave $50 bills in my mailbox. Hey, a girl can wish, can't she?

What I'm really excited about is that my view is about to completely improve. But, Blair! What could possibly be better than the view of this lovely abode from the next 'hood over?

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