jealousy induced travel amnesia

Josh and I get to have little getaways often. An overnight here and a weekend there.....we are pretty lucky as far as vacations go. Our last big vacation was a trip to Mexico last May via my dad's timeshare (thank you dad!). In addition to the friends and family that let us borrow their vacation homes, I'm also pretty decent at saving up for vacations and get really excited when we get to travel (except if it requires flying, now that's a whole other story.) But somehow, I frequently experience jealousy-induced travel-amnesia (JITA).

What exactly is JITA? Well, its that thing that happens when you're around people who are about to go on an incredible trip and you seem to forget any trip you've ever been on. For example, your friend is going on a cruise around the western Caribbean and you seem to forget (until your husband reluctantly reminds you) that you went on an week-plus trip to Mexico 9 months earlier.

So what are the symptoms of JITA? Most notably, the major symptoms include increased heart-rate, headaches, general anger, eye-twitching and overwhelming forgetfulness. Persons experiencing JITA should not operate heavy machinery. Persons experiencing JITA may lash-out at others or make unnecessary purchases (but I really needed that rotating foot-massager from Walgreens!)

So why exactly am I enlightening you about Jeslousy Induced Travel Amnesia this tuesday morning? Well, I'm in the middle of a little JITA episode myself: today my sister Lauren is headed to New York for the week and my friend Elizabeth is heading out west to ski. And what do I have going on today? Well, I'm thinking about going to the grocery store later....does that count?


Peacock Photography said...

ummm...hello? destin this summer? what happened to that plan? after Dave's case is over in early june, we're ready to go somewhere....and somewhere cool!

Pashmina and Pearls said...

I fully understand

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