Nearly Newlyweds Game

This past Wednesday, Josh and I were one of the four couples competing in a Newlyweds game at church. I'm aware of how dorky that sounds, but we actually had fun. We were competing against couples that had been married for 25-50+ years.

They asked some pretty funny questions...and I was praying that Josh wouldn't embarrass me too much. Some of the questions were:

What outfit does your spouse wear that you really don't like?
What's your spouses most annoying habit?
What celebrity would your spouse want to be married to?
Name and item that your spouse has wasted money on?

This was our stiffest competition. Mr and Mrs Bowling.
They've been married for over 50 years...and dressed up for the event.
I love her sequins (always a classy touch) and his over-alls and tie (he also had a cowboy hat on).

Us getting a questions correct....the questions was "where was your first date?"
The answer? A John Mayer concert.
That's how much Josh was trying to impress me in the beginning.
Seriously. He went to a John Mayer concert?!

This was my reaction to Josh saying that my most annoying habit is hiccuping.
Seriously? Is hiccuping a habit?

We ending up winning second place!
Our prize? A box of chocolates.
Personally, I was kinda hoping for a cruise or something.

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