elliot weekly: week 10

10 weeks?!
as in, 2.5 months old?
what elliot has been up to this week:

back to work and loving it!
elliot came to work with me this week. it was my second week back at work, but the first time that elliot came with me. my boss dicky is a-maz-ing for many reasons, but especially cool right now because he's letting me bring elliot to work! elliot naps and plays in her pack 'n play by my desk while i'm at work. she's been a great sport. i'm able to get all my paperwork, emails and phone calls done during her naps. i couldn't ask for a better set-up. i've got some reduced hours for the month of june (due to the continued downturn of the economy) but i'm hoping for full hours starting back in july. i'm trying to embrace the shorter work week for now (more play time with elliot at home!) but definitely praying for our company. so, hey, if you need any work done on your bathtubs, showers, counter tops or sinks call Amaya Glaze!

see how happy elliot is to go to work?
she's the best assistant ever :)

jordan's birthday
elliot got to celebrate jordan's birthday on monday. jordan is one of elliot's favorite people. they enjoy playing xbox kinnect, discussing world politics and listening to sugarland.

whitewater center
elliot made her first trip to the whitewater center. the rain and thunder couldn't keep elliot away from the whitewater center this past thursday. she partied until the wee hour of 10pm, dancing to the bluegrass and was eventually lulled to sleep by the sound of the river (and the 20938 dogs barking.) she's going to make it a regular occurrence this summer.

see how she can hardly contain her excitement?
the whitewater center is one of her favorite summer activities

coo and goo
elliot is making some seriously fun sounds. she'll start "talking" and become really animated with her face, regularly raising her eyebrows. josh and i are really enjoying it and have totally become those parents who jump up and down, making stupid faces and weird noises to try and get her to continue. its kind of sad, but really fun at the same time. check her out:

she'd already been "talking" for about 30seconds before we got this on video
hopefully we can get a longer session on camera soon!

Images by Freepik