elliot weekly: week 9

sorry if brief baby nudity offends you
it was 309823094 degrees in our house
clearly, elliot does not mind :)

As I mentioned last week, Elliot made her first trip to the beach! It was a week full of firsts for Elliot and here's what she's been up to:

Elliot is getting better and better at finding her thumb:

these pictures were actually taken on two different days
she just loves her play yard and that outfit, what can i say?

Elliot's first "sorority-smush" photo:

**photo removed due to post-ocean-exploring-nastiness**

lauren (older sister, the doctor) and i can make fun of the sorority smush
because we were both tri-deltas at clemson
i think i have 12039484019 pictures like this from college
this is also proof that, contrary to public belief, elliot does not smile in every picture

Elliot's first trip to the beach:

look how happy that beach baby is
and elliot is loving it too
elliot did like the beach, she said it was like a live version of her sound machine from home

she was totally digging the sunglasses
thanks amy brown!

Elliot's first time to play in the ocean:

sadly, elliot did not love the water
or maybe she didn't like trying to stand up
or maybe she didn't like that everyone thought she was a boy in this rash guard shirt

Elliot's first post-day-at-the-beach-nap-fest:

turns out spending half the day at the beach was a bit much for baby girl
and baby mama
elliot was looking pretty puny and just wasn't herself
we spent a lot of the day resting, cuddling and sleeping
i'm glad to say that elliot quickly bounced back and was ready for a night of partying (also known as sleeping and eating)

Elliot's first trip to the Charleston Farmers Market:

can you tell how happy baby is for local arts, crafts and produce?!

lauren and i caught up with her friend beth
this is beth's son who coached me on how to best shield elliot from the sun
he also had a full conversation with her about the beach and farmer's market
kids are just too cute some times!

speaking of cute kids!
i hope you have a great weekend--i look forward to sharing some more pictures from our first beach trip soon

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amy p said...

you are out of control and i love it. i'm wondering why you sleep nude with her...i'm just saying it looks like you are. glad y'all got to get away before work.

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