craft it: lamp redo

My friend Chelsea, bless her, is the one that first introduced me to shopping at thrift stores. I was always amazed/envious at the quality of goods and savings that she found at stores around town. I would try and thrift on my own, get really overwhelmed, and end up walking out of a Goodwill-type store looking like I'd just survived some sort of cataclysmic event (messed hair, squinting at the sun, blank stare, aura of shocked desperation). It didn't take me long to learn an up-until-now-well-kept secret: follow Chelsea around a store and then purchase her cast-offs. Works every time (this technique can be used at retail store, thrift store, yard sale and JCrew sidewalk sales!!)

After years of swiping Chelsea's leftovers, I have managed to find a few steals around Shelby on my own. For example: I found this fun cut crystal lamp at the Habitat Re-Store for a measly $2! I wasn't quite sure where I'd put her, but I knew she was perfect for our house. When have you ever had too many lamps?! Ladies, trust me, nothing makes you look better than the glow of lamplight (well, a suntan in Cabo might make you look better!)

She just needed a little TLC


All it needed was a good cleaning, some funky pink spray paint and a tan shade.
Perfect for Elliot's nursery!

sidenote: Chelsea can be found thrifting around the Charlotte, NC metro area, but she is available for travel ;)

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chelsea said...

llloooovveee it! thanks for the shout-out! i'm so glad i've influenced your life in such profound ways. in other news, i may have a problem. i think i may be a thrift-a-holic. can you get help for that type of thing?

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