back to the grind

Today I'm heading back to work. Maternity leave is over and it is back to the real world. Oh, the joy of it all.

I'm fortunate enough to be able to take Elliot with me to work. I'm so glad that she'll be there with me, although I haven't totally figured out how its going to work. My hours have been reduced for the month of June. I think its good on one hand (more time at home with Elliot) but it'll also be tough to try and get everything done in a shorter ammount of time (and throwing in getting Elliot adjusted to life at the office!)

I am going to put it out there, mommy-blog world be warned, that I'm actually glad to be a working mom. I'm fortunate to have a steady, flexible, non-stressful job that pays well and I'm excited that Elliot gets to see me doing something that I can do well (outside of picking out her outfits and changing her diapers). I don't think that it makes me a bad mom or a good mom....it just makes me Elliot's mom. And her mom works. Her mom also enjoys pop music, running and can make a mean salad.

Sadly, a lot of America (women specifically) seems really opinionated on the whole "working mom" issue. Personally, I'd rather focus on more important and/or fun issues....like when is Ashley (on the Bachelorette) going to wise up that Bentley is a giant turd? and when am I allowed to paint Elliot's fingernails? and what race should I sign up for next? and who's coming to the White Water Center to listen to music with me?

So, don't judge me for being a working mom. I'd much rather you judge me for my high-school-girl taste in music or my rockin' zumba moves or the fact that I haven't washed my hair in three days (sidebar: I have actually showered, I've just been dry-shampooing it like a rockstar!)

Peace out friends, mama has got to get to work!


Brittany said...

Why would anyone judge? Hah, maybe I'm a little naive on the subject.

Oh and when are you listening to music at the White Water Center?!

amy p said...

you go mama..elliot's awesome mama!!

Jessica said...

Blair, I am a blog reader and dont think you know me. But I did know your husband from Windy Gap and ASU, so I am not that much of a stalker (te he he)
anyways, I am proud of you!God knows what is right for each family. Every family is different.And I love that you are excited to go back to work. God allowed me to take my daughter to work after she was born as well. Its awesome and hard but totally a gift. I am so glad you see that!!

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