steal of a deal

Friday night Josh and I hung out with our friends Brad and Leigh (and their sweet baby Miles.) We told stories, laughed, had a ball and got to watch the criterium.

Leigh had on the cutest top. It was Anthropologie. Of course it was. My mind was already jumping to conclusions (I wonder if it was on sale....maybe she's just borrowing it from a friend....maybe she's got an inheritance from a crazy old uncle...I wonder if I have a crazy old uncle I could inherit from...hmmmm) when she told me that she got the shirt from Rugged Wearhouse. Are you kidding me? She said she'd gotten four shirts from Antholpologie at the discount store.

So I made Josh take me to Rugged Wearhouse. And I found a ton of cute Anthropologie pants and tops....for anyone a size 0 or 2. It was quite depressing. Then I found a cute little tank (in my size) for only $9!

Thanks for the tip Leigh!

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robin said...

don't ever underestimate the power of Rugged Warehouse. inbetwixt the piles of Baby Phat & Plexiglass heels that light up- are some true gems- if you can find them in your size, of course.

i purchased my new favorite purse there- for $8.

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