the avetts

After watching the crit in Charlotte on Saturday, Josh and I headed up to the Avett Brothers show. Its one of the favorites around our house. Josh has seen them live before, but this was my first time seeing the show. And man, it was a show! Those guys love to throw a party on stage. Josh had a blast at the concert....but I think it may have been because he thought we was walking into a giant Bojangles:

I tried to snap a few shots of us enjoying the pre-show, but had a little trouble with the cameras and finding the right angle:

But then we finally got it right.....only, by that time, Josh wasn't really feeling the whole "photo-shoot-at-a-concert" idea:

I do have one totally random thought.....the cellist was crazy. Just a little Asian-looking man, playing the cello and jumping all over the place. And the first person that I thought of when looking at him was Onch from Paris Hilton's BFF show. (Ok, before you judge me, I only watched one episode of the show. I like to know what's on TV. Sue me.) You might have had to see Onch in action to make the association, but I think the resemblance is uncanny.

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