Saving A Dollar

I love to save a dollar. I love fruit.
I love to save a dollar + I love fruit = picking my own blackberries
(I love to save a dollar + I love fruit) - farm not open after work = picking my own blackberries on my lunch break
picking fruit on your lunch break = getting laughed at by hispanic day-laborers

Josh and I went up to the northern (?) part of the county yesterday to pick blackberries. This is Josh getting prepared to pick blackberries at 12:30pm. Yes, that is a double-scoop of Butter Pecan homemade icecream. He proceeded to show me around the blackberry bushes and point out which berries were ripe. That's why my hands look like this--->

Aside from being laughed at by Hispanics, dodging Japanese Beetles and sweating profusely, I'm in love with picking my own blackberries. Guaranteed freshness (and ant bites.)

Josh even treated me to my own scoop of homemade blackberry icecream. Yum!

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robin said...

i'm with you on this one- love a bargain, love fruit. i would've loved watching those hispanics laugh at you.

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