post-graduate holiday

I love that my GWU friends are back. Really. Love.it.

But its also kind of frustrating in the whole 'I-have-a-real-job-and-totally-envy-your-vast-amounts-of-free-time-and-holiday-schedule' type of way. I want a Fall Break, Spring Break and other random days off for presidents and provosts. Why are you so lacking of vacation days adult-life-schedule, why?

But then I got to thinking. I guess Memorial Day is kind of like a super-mini Spring vacation and Labor Day is Fall break (I know there are real reasons for those holidays, but I'm trying to make this simile work, so bear with me.)

I guess its a good thing that its just a long weekend instead of a week-long vacation.....we're all a little too old for SB '04 Cancun-type shenanigans.

So where are you headed for Labor Day '09?

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