back in the saddle

After much prayer and preparation, I made it back on the bike yesterday. Its been exactly two weeks since the wreck. I'm so thankful that my recovery was so speedy! I've still got a few spots of recovering roadrash and a few short-term memory issues.....but both areas are leaning more towards cute and bearable rather than oh-my-goodness-why-couldn't-i-have-broken-my-arm-instead-of-forgetting-everything-every-five-seconds.

My new helmet still isn't in yet (thanks Bohemian Cycles for the great deal!) so I had to borrow Josh's mountain biking helmet. Its kind of ugly, so I had to counteract it with fashionista-ish sunglasses.

Two other important items for this ______ ride were:

road ID
ride smart folks

No7 Blush Tint in Blossom
fabulous color. only $9.99 at Target.

There's really no point in cycling unless you look good. For some guys that means shaving their legs so they can show off their calf muscles. For me, its more like good sunglasses and a sassy side-ponytail. So ride on friends....and remember: its not worth being safe unless you're being stylish too.


R. Grant Land said...

Good for you. Your bravery and resilience is an encouragement to us all. And I completely agree with the lipstick, I prefer it over shaving my legs!

sunday said...

blair YOU LOOK AWESOME! How can you even look good in spandex, that is just not fair!

chelsea said...

safety is sexy and so are you.

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