show off that body you got

I love to ride bikes. Loooove it. But when I can't get outside to ride with Josh (or with Chuck and Laura---had so much fun riding with them yesterday!) then I head over to the YMCA for spin class.

Jennipher is one of my favorite instructors. She's young, really athletic and has the best.music.ever. The mixes that she puts together make me want to sprint faster, climb harder and spin longer than any of the other teachers. Most days we have to shut the door to the spin room because the lyrics can be a little questionable and are almost always too loud for the yoga class two doors down. (I'm not quite sure if she knows that the YMCA is Christian......but I'm not going to tell her, because the music is so good!)

Jennipher has been playing this song this Petey Pablo song 'show me the money' this summer and I love it. Just hearing it make me want to spin/run/work/freak out. And the first line of the chorus (show off that body you got) reminds me of why we're at the gym in the first place. This song is usually followed by Fergie's 'Fergalicious'.....and I love the line "my body stay vicious/i be up in the gym just workin' on my fitness." Again, its all about why we're working it out at the gym!

So listen/watch and get ready to work out!


robin said...

Me & Rubes just broke it down in the living room.

chelsea said...

i'm obsessed with that song. i'm almost certain it's in my top 25 most played on my itunes. we used to zumba to it and it was my faaaaavorite!
and the spin instructors at my y do NOT have cool music. u2's 'beautiful day' does not make me want to work harder.

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