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Josh and I love to bike.
Wait, I already said that?
Nearly a zillion times?
Oops, my bad. (Do people still say 'my bad'?)

After having a blast with Leigh and Brad at the criterium on Friday, Josh and I decided to check out the race the next day in Charlotte. I had been cheering for the only pro-team I recognized on Friday, Rock Racing, and was looking to follow them again on Saturday. I always describe Rock Racing as the opposite of Garmin-Slipstream. Garmin-Slipstream is dedicated to riding 100% clean, while Rock Racing has picked up just about every great rider that's gotten caught doping. Its really kind of sad that there's a team like this is the cycling community, but they've got some great talent and some awesome outfits. Seriously. Check out their team car:

Did I mention that the team is owned by Michael Ball?
He's the Rock & Republic designer denim guy.
I knew I loved their style for a reason.

So, Josh and I headed to downtown Charlotte on Saturday to watch the women's and men's professional teams at the criterium.

It was so hot. That explains why Josh is eating sorbet and why he has that hateful look on his face. I, on the otherhand, and happily enjoying the photoshoot.

I was so excited to cheer for Rahsaan Bahtai of Rock Racing. Why? Because he was the only African-American rider in the race, he's on the Rock Racing team and he's from Compton. Yep. Compton. (He also had amazing dreads that almost didn't fit under the helmet.)

We had a great time at the race, but we had to leave early. Sad! But we left the race in good hands:

That bike was ridiculous. So were the chairs.

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chelsea said...

Did you know Michael Ball has gotten sued like three times for sexual harassment? He sounds like an all-around great guy.
I do love the stylishness of Rock Racing, though. I get their emails and they unveil new jerseys all the time. What a great combination - style and cycling. Too bad they all dope!
You can start following Team Type I now. They're awesome and their star rider, Aldo, is based out of Charlotte!

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