1/2 Price Tuesday

1/2 price Tuesday, how do I love thee? I love you as much as the perfect pair of jeans, chanel perfume and free money.

Tonight is a date night for me and Josh. (collective "awwww!!" from the blogging audience) Since we just spent money down in Birmingham going out both nights, because we are major rockstars and all, its time to tighten down the 'ole spending train. All this combines for a cheap date night tonight. Here enters Pleasant City Wood Fired Grill.

Tonight is 1/2 price night at Pleasant City. Each pizza is half off. Which is just my price range. Last time, Josh and I were able to both get a pizza for $9.44...and have enough for left overs the next day for lunch. And if the price wasn't the kicker, the food will be. The pizzas are so unbelievable. They all use the freshest ingredients and are willing to make whatever you'd like. Tonight I'm getting a pizza with an olive oil, black pepper and garlic base that's topped with mozzarella, parmesan, gouda and goat cheeses. I'm literally salivating as I'm typing.

I've never looked so forward to dinner!

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Schweppe said...

Okay...another thing to add to cheap date night. CArmike is promoting Stimulus Tuesdays...46 oz popcorn and 16 oz drink for $1 each.

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