i've been sucked in

Is official....I've been sucked into into the "Twilight" series. When I realized that nearly every high school girl had seen the movie and was reading the books I knew it was a matter of time before I had to see what the fuss was all about. And then when the middle school girls were arguing over which book was the best...I knew it was time.

I started Twilight on Sunday night (I borrowed it from Sidney, one of the Wyldlife girls). And I finished it Tuesday morning. Yes, the books are a little long...but such an easy read. I called my friend Laura, she's Sidney's mom, and asked if I could borrow New Moon (book 2.) She laughed and agreed to let me borrow the book.

I am tooooootally sucked in. I'm tearing though every page to see what's happening to Bella and wondering where the heck Edward is. Could I sound anymore like a 15 year-old?!

So now that I've admitted my addiction, could anyone tell me if there's a 12-step program? Because I think after book 4 I'm really going to need one!

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