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Yesterday I went to the dentist for a check-up.

Normally, I'm pretty nervous about going to the dentist. As soon as I start thinking about my appointment I immediately have a daymare (nightmare but during the day, duh) where the dental hygienist starts attacking my gums with floss with unnecessary force, asking me tons of questions while my mouth is full of her hands and her tools and then a dreaded visit from the actual dentist (who is only ever in the room for 2.5 seconds) and hear the terrifying words "you've got a cavity."

Most people haven't had a cavity or filling since childhood. I had two fillings the week of my wedding....four years ago. Add that to the 12 fillings and 1 root-canal that I had during my childhood years and you see where this totally rational fear comes from. (Yes, I did actually brush my teeth growing up. I have "spotty" enamel which makes my teeth more susceptible to stains and cavities. yum.)

But back to yesterday.....

My dentist is my friend Jim. I think its makes it easier to have a dentist that's your friend. One, because they are nicer to you. Two, they give you teeth-whitening at a great discount. So I guess I'm not really afraid to go to the dentist....I'm just scared of the hygienists.

So, I was waiting in the waiting-room before I got called back to the dreaded teeth-cleaning-I'm-going-to-see-how-much-I can-torture-you-with-dental-floss-all-the-while-asking-you-questions-that-you-can't-answer-while-bad-90s-soft-rock-plays-in-the-background room. I knew that I would probably have a while to wait, so I started surveying the room for good reading material....all that was left in the magazine area was Sports Illustrated and Golf Digest. Which, believe it or not, are not really my top magazine choices. And then I glanced to see what the two other guys in the waiting room were reading.....People Magazine. Both of the 50+ year old men were reading the two most recent issues of People. And I was stuck with Golf Digest?! A girl can't get a good gossip magazine because the boys are taking them all? Seriously, what is the world coming too?!?!


Schweppe said...

Was one of those men John Schweppe???? He is a closet People reader...we don't subscribe, but he would read it from cover to cover if we did!!!

chelsea said...

haha! i HATE going to the dentist! i haven't been in like over a year!
also, my mom was so excited about the people issue with jason and molly on the cover that she actually bought the issue and brought it home.

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