going to banff

Josh and I are headed up to ASU. Why? Because I surprised Josh with tickets to the Banff Film Festival. The Banff Film Festival goes on tour all over the world. It features the world's best films on mountain adventure, culture and the environment. The films are selected from thousands of entries from all over the world.

The festival in Boone, NC is today and tomorrow. We're just going up tonight to catch the shows with some friends. The schedule for tonight includes some independent films about the woods, backcountry skiing, sockeye salmon, snowboarding, bouldering, culture in New Guinea and mountain biking.

I'm not exactly the "outdoorsy" type like Josh is....so this is a nice compromise for us: watching movies about the outdoors while staying nice and warm/dry inside a theater!

Be sure to check out Banff and see if its coming near your town!

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