the day i took a ton of pictures of josh and rachel

Its basically a requirement for Josh to drive around in the snow as soon as its dangerous to do so. (By the way, he's wearing a Mountain Hardwear ski jacket that we just got on Saturday for only $75!!)

We (barely) survived driving around in the snow on Sunday night....and this is what we woke up to on Monday morning:

So, yes...I was working on Monday. I didn't get to play in the snow one bit. (ok, that was a littttttttle bit of a lie.)

Josh felt that we had to make a snowman. I told him that since I wasn't 5 anymore, that I wan't going to participate. But once all the hard work was done, I did want to dress him/her up properly. Please meet our outdoorsy-cheerleading-type-posing-secretly-loves-the-70s snowperson (the jury is still out on if this is actually a snowman or a snowwoman.)

It was all fun and games until Josh and Rachel got into a snowball fight:

I did actually play in the snow, but you wouldn't really believe it since all I managed to get were pictures of Josh and Rachel!

I love love love this picture of Rachel!


Schweppe said...

I am so glad you got to do all the fun things I love to do in the snow that we didn't get to because we were stuck on an airplane (coming home from Beaver Creek, I know- WAH!)!!!

Baird said...

On the real-That's a ballin' snowperson.

Images by Freepik