that sounds familiar...i think

I am currently watching Inside Man. According to Netflix (and Josh) this is the 3rd time I've watched this movie. And I have nearly no recollection of it. As in, the premise of the movie seems vaguely familiar, kind of like trying to remember a dream I maybe had last week. This, unfortunately, is not just limited to movies. I'm reading the Harry Potter series (for the fourth time) and am constantly wondering what is going to happen next.

In the bright side, I'm just as intrigued and amused as the first time I read the book, watched the movie or heard the story. So, if you have a particular joke/story to tell or need to watch a movie for the 15th time call me--I'll be a great audience for you :)

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lacey said...

hahaha. you're funny. that happens to me too. how is it that i remember every detail of a joke/story but do not remember that i've told said joke/story to the same person 5 times?

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