elliot weekly: week 5

couldn't get baby girl to stop talking long enough to take a picture
guess she takes after mom and dad

what we've been up to this week:

bottles! elliot had her first bottle this week. i'm still breastfeeding, so this was a bottle of expressed milk. it was sweet to watch josh get a chance to feed elliot, although i won't be doing too many bottles---i love my time with her!

first out of town overnight trip! we went to montreat for a few days this week. elliot did awesome! we are so thankful to our friends chuck and laura for letting us borrow their house. it was so nice to get out of town for a bit. and so fun to have our first trip to one of our favorite places. (you should rent chuck and laura's place---its at the top of montreat, only billy graham's house is higher, and it is such a sweet and relaxing place!!)
snuggled up on the porch at montreat

visiting with friends: while in montreat we snuck in some time with our friends sunday and worth (and their two sweet girls bellarose and hollings.) i'm so sad that i don't have any pictures of us with sunday and worth---they're kind of like a super couple: overly talented, too pretty, sweet.....i wish i had a picture to prove it! i guess we were just having too much fun catching up that we didn't stop to take any pictures.

josh playing with bellarose and hollings

elliot with bellarose's doll (affectionately named "Creepy")

taking pictures: we went up to visit our friend lindsey in concord yesterday and get some pictures taken of elliot. i was planning on getting lindsey to take some pictures in the fall when elliot was a little bigger (and i was a little slimmer!) but i just couldn't pass up documenting elliot as a newborn....plus, it was great to spend time with lindsey. i can't wait to see what pictures she got!

so, that's it....another super eventful week at the jones house ;) but, you know i couldn't leave you without another picture (or two!) of my favorite girl:

how is that for making your week?!
i couldn't believe i captured elliot's first real-non-gas-induced smile.
oh dear, i'm so in love!

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Sunday Grant Photography said...

wow! if that wasn't an amazing compliment! We were so excited to spend so much time with you three! You forgot to mention our crazy turbo class too. Elliot is precious!!

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