my first mother's day

It seems so surreal that I got to celebrate Mother's Day this year as a mom. Elliot has been with us for over a month now, but it still seems so new. I guess I just am still not used to my new title of "Mom." I mean, I'm still the same person. I still listen to the same music, like the same food and (hope to soon) wear the same clothes as before Elliot was born. So, its not that I'm different, per say, its just that I guess I'm more. I'm more than just Blair, but I'm also still Blair. Its such a weird concept....and most of the time I'm just too sleep deprived to process it :)

Elliot gave me the wonderful Mother's Day gift of sleep! She slept for almost five and half hours on Saturday night. Hallelujah! She also gave me a sweet card (via Josh, of course.)

Our little family went to church and then out for brunch at Ni Fen. It was scrumptious! They had amazing food and even brought back my personal favorite: dessert and pastry table! Y'all have GOT to go to brunch asap.

Josh took a few photos of me and my sweet baby girl. This one is my favorite and I like to pretend we're sharing some girly secret:

me and my sweet elliot
life is sweeter with her!

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