elliot weekly: week 7

our happy baby girl!

Elliot was a little travel superstar this week! We went to Charlotte for the day on Tuesday to play with my friend Chelsea. Elliot enjoyed hanging out at Dean and Deluca and shopping at Southpark and Trader Joe's. She's an expert in the car now:

We went back to Charlotte on Friday to hang out with our friend Amy and her daughter Charis. We grabbed lunch (at Sir Ed's, YUM!!) and talked, and talked, and talked.....and had so much fun that we forgot to take any pictures :(

We also watched our friend Ashley play soccer. She plays for the Charlotte Eagles (uhm yeah, she's amazing!) It was Elliot's first soccer game and she loved it. She cheered for Ashley, yelled at the referees and ate pizza (just kidding.)

learning the basics from josh and then yelling at the ref's poor call
(we still think it should have been a goal!)

amazed at Ashley's front-flip-throw-in (or whatever you call it!)
our little soccer fan

sorry it took so long to get this post up! who knew parenting took so much time?!?!

elliot loves to snuggle with con queso :)


chelsea said...

oh my gosh that owl onesie is the cutest thing everrrr.

Hannah said...

girl after my own heart loving owls haha ;)

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