oh, the pain

This is my sister Lauren and her husband Jon. They are supercute, successful, talented and currently flying to Greece. ugggggggggh. I kind of hate them both right now.

Lauren and Jon in Cabo.
not pictured: me

Jon and Lauren in NYC.
again, not pictured: me

There seems to be a theme here......hmmmmm, Lauren and Jon going to super-sweet locations without their favorite tag-a-long. I mean, do they not know what they're missing?!?!? I'd like to argue that I'm adventurous, provide excellent conversation, always willing to dance, am great for witty banter, asking for discounts, getting the locals all riled up, am willing to pretend to be a guest at a nicer hotel that we're actually staying in and I'm always up for a dare.

Ok, so I don't speak any other languages (besides the international language of fashion, which seriously: what else is there) and may bring a little unwanted attention, but really guys---I'm the most fun travel accessory. promise :)


Connie said...

Dear Blair,
You are a great travel buddy. Do you remember when you,Lauren and I tagged along with Aunt BJ and Susan's Girl Scout Troop to Disney World? We took the train from Columbia and rented our own tiny car while in Orlando. No tag along room in the large van aunt BJ rented for scouts.
You are the world's Best Bargain shopper and tiny enough to wear sample sizes, oh the pain. XO

amy p said...

you make me laugh out loud. all the time. i enjoy you and your funny posts. it is a shame they don't take you along. so selfish

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