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I'm mostly sorry that I use my friends and family (and sometimes random people I don't know) for inspiration for my blog posts. They really never know what I might say or write about them. I guess I should put out a formal memo: hey y'all, if you talk to me, email me, do anything in front of me I may/probably put it on my blog. (hey, taylor----does that cover me, legally?)

I just got this JOY of an email from my friend Chelsea.

Let me set the scene....Chelsea and I work near computers, pretty much all day. We send each other emails. Lots of emails actually. Sometimes they are heartfelt pleas, moaning about life, fabulous blogs or funny little quirks.
But today I got a real gem.
*you should also know that Liam, as referred to in her email, is her cat.

From: chelsea***@******.org
To: ptlblair@hotmail.com
Subject: Thanks, Mr. Shelby
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2010 10:56:55 -0400

So. Thanks to Phillip Shelby and his awesome novel-writing skills, I feel like 100% crap this morning. I’ve been reading his kick-ass book “Days of Drums” and it is so so good. Total government conspiracy. All these twists and quirks and I totally don’t have the ending figured (although I’m really hoping the main character lives to tell about it). I finally made myself go to sleep last night around 1:00am. The first thing I was aware of this morning when I woke up breathless and terrified from a nightmare about assassins chasing me was how much my head hurt. And yes, it still does. About to drink some tea and take some Advil. I love these kind of books, but I shouldn’t read them before I fall asleep.

P.S. My mom helped outrun the assassins last night. She was surprisingly calm, even though she asked me if taking Liam was necessary. (Um, YES.) When they showed up, however, she wasn’t there anymore. Some other guy was. And he told me to fight them with a big ceramic candle pillar I have and my mattress (cause that’s easy to maneuver). Unfortunately that wasn’t sufficient and one of them clocked me with a club in the head. That’s when I woke up. No wonder my head hurts.


And that, my dear friends, is the highlight of my day.

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