from the bottom of his heart

Josh went to Colorado a few weeks ago to fly-fish with a friend. That friend, thankfully, was not me. I was hanging out in Norfolk, VA with my friend Allison. (FYI, exploring a new city and shopping beats fishing any day of the week.)

When Josh travels without me he usually brings home a little circe. You know, just a little gift to show me how he thought about me while we were apart. While Allison and I were in VA, I stopped and picked up some GUs and nutritionals for Josh to use on his long bike rides. I wanted to show him that not only was I thinking about him, but also wanted to encourage him in one of his favorite hobbies.

What did Josh bring back for me? Mexican Jumping Beans:

Because, you know, nothing says I-love-you-from-the-bottom-of-my-heart-and-am-thinking-of-you-often quite like freaky beans.

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