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I'm not exactly sure how Oprah got started on her whole "Favorite Things" list. Maybe its because she's wealthy, or famous, or because people just give her a whole bunch of things for her to pretend that she likes. Well, whatever the reason, I would like to introduce you to one of my new favorite things.

For the past three years I have been a huge fan of Chanel's Rose Sand lipgloss. It gives just the right amount of shine color. And it makes me feel like a movie star because I'm wearing $27 lipgloss; which, lets face it girls, is a bit ridiculous.

For my birthday this year (the big 28 for those of you keeping track) I was on the search for the perfect new, non-$27, lipgloss....which made Josh oh-so-excited. Yesterday I stumbled into Sephora, cursed myself for not spending more time there, and started the search for the perfect shade, gloss and staying power.

And then I found it:

I didn't really know much about Smashbox other than its where Lo Bosworth worked on The Hills. But I was floored when I checked out the fall collection. The colors for cheeks, eye and lip where fantastic. I wanted one in every color. I quickly tabulated my $9876987605 bill....and decided a single $18 lipgloss was more in my budget. But what color to choose? Did I want a sheer or a shimmer? The choices fashion puts upon us. Mercy!

As I held two $18 lipglosses in my hand, wondering if the manager might give me a free one since its my birthday, I saw it: The Smashbox Wish

The colors included in this discounted holiday package are insane. I love every single one and how they'll carry me through fall, winter and even into spring! Now, don't get all freaked out by the purply and gold looking small glosses.....they are super sheer and fully fabulous. Trust me. I'm a back-to-basics kind of girls when it comes to lip color, you definitely won't see be pulling a deep-red-fall-lip-look....because while that look is fantastic, it makes me look like a vampire (or something else that's really pale)

And, can we talk about the value please? I mean, y'all know how I love a deal. But come on! At $29 they are practically giving these away!

And if you aren't into lips, or you've already got a favorite lip-color you just can't part with, check out their other Holiday Wish Package looks: primer, eyes and pencils. Trust me, they are all gonna be fabulous!

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