better than new

Josh and I have lived in our house for almost 5 years. And we've needed to refinish our hardwood floors for the last 4 years.

We built our house 5 years ago, so the floors are still new......but while Josh (and our friend Grant) busted their tails to do the best job possible finishing the floors, they've always needed more polyurethane.

From this distance, the floors actually look kind of good. But distance really enhances most beauty, don't you think? Up close you can see the water damage, scratches and dust bunnies large enough to scare away grown men.

We moved all the furniture out of our downstairs (along with the help of Brett and my girls from Bible study) and prepared for a three day sanding, polishing and buffing fest. Five days later they are still working on our floors. As with all things subcontractor related I'm trying to control my frustration (not working), focus on the positive (not happening) and enjoy the benefits of the situation (what are they exactly?).

Josh has certainly enjoyed the floor project and all its annoyances....you know why? Exhibit A:

he comes up with a reason to eat out for every meal.

We hope to be able to eat in our own home soon. Keep you fingers crossed that Derrick finishes today!!

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