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Alberto Contador, winner of the 2010 Tour De France, has been formally and provisionally suspended by the UCI (professional cycling governing body). The amount of the drug found in his system was quoted as being "a very small concentration" of the banned substance Clenbuterol. So, yes, it was very little of an illegal substance.

Does he seriously think that's an adequate excuse? So, illegal substances only have consequences if you do them a lot? Like, a little marijuana is ok....just don't be a constant stoner? Seriously???

And then, to top it all off, Contador claims that the drugs were put in (unbeknown to him) some steak that he consumed on a rest day during the tour. Even though the beef was purchased in Spain (Contador's home county) by a close friend of the team's head chef. It wasn't like the food was donated from some scandalous source. I'm going to say that they knew exactly what they were doing/eating.

The Tour has not yet stripped Contador of his title or yellow jersey. But, let's just remember....Contador won the tour by 39 seconds. 39 seconds, the time that Contador gained on Andy Schleck during Schleck's unfortunate mechanical error on the final climb of stage 16 of Le Tour.

I still think Schleck could've won if he hadn't dropped his chain. All things seemed kind of equal between him and Contador. But maybe they were only equal because Contador was doping?

Please check out the article here. I'd love your thoughts!

Andy's the real winner.
Can't wait to watch the Tour next year.
Hopefully the Schleck Brothers will finish first and second.


chelsea said...

dear andy,
will you marry me?

Connie said...

Dear B,
I love your passion for fairness to all. Your excellent analysis of the facts, "Mr Watson" requires a visit to Scotland Yard.
I understand you like our weather,
Love, CBR

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