psssst, he vants to suck your bloooooood!

Chelsea and I went to the opening night of Dracula this past weekend. It was fantastic! I've loved each ballet we've attended, but this was something more. I'm not sure if it was the choreography (Mark Godden), the more serious nature of the ballet (as opposed to Cinderella) or having met a some of the dancers a few weeks ago. Regardless, I want to go back and take more friends---maybe even drag Josh along.

see, the vampires glowed just like in Twilight
just kidding. they didn't even wear fangs. (which was a little disappointing!)

One of the many reasons that I love Chelsea is that she's so dynamic. She can bum it with me and class it up for life in the city, giggle at a romantic comedy but loves the drama, can work a crowded room or spend the evening with a small group of friends. But last weekend she bested me........

yes. she brought vampire teeth to Dracula
here's a close-up....its real close

well, i did warn you that it was close.
guess i should have also mentioned unflattering too

Thank goodness for good friends, fall weather and vampire teeth.

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Connie said...

I love that you have Chelsea in your life. My "Chelsea" girlfriends are too busy with grand kidos. I can travel up to 50 miles. Nothing better to me than mother daughter time. (Hmm..you and Taylor are in my range.)
Miss you and I love you to the moon & back.

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