the race that almost wasn't

This past weekend I ran the Virginia Beach Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon. Only, I almost didn't even make it out of Shelby.

I was so excited Friday night. Allison and I were going to have so much fun on girls-weekend-getaway-slash-half-marathon-extravaganza. I was laying out my outfits (for running and cute-non-running times) when it happened. I picked up my empty suitcase and proceeded to flail to the ground. I'd pulled a muscle in my lower back.

So there I was: sitting on the floor (very still of course) crying about my ruined labor day weekend race plans. I called my doctor (you can do that in a small town on a Friday night and actually get your doctor on his cell phone........or maybe that's just because he's my friend) and he helped me out. Two doses of mild muscle relaxers, a heating pad and lots of sitting still later i was healed.

I kind of felt like a wimp, both for hurting my back with an empty suitcase and for getting so upset about something so obviously trivial as a half-marathon. But after giving myself a stern talking-to about what's actually worth getting upset about, I let myself enjoy the weekend and upcoming race.

I'm so glad to have good friends; they help me out with life. So thanks friends, for all you do to help keep this crazy girl in place and on track.

rock n' roll folks
(yes, this photo was taken at 5:30am)

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