are you ready to rock 'n roll?

So, after reading about Blair and Allison's adventures in Virginia Beach are you so ready to sign up for a race???

Here's the remaining line-up for 2010:
Philadelphia 1/2 marathon: 9/19/2010
San Jose 1/2 marathon: 10/3/2010
Denver Full and 1/2 marathons: 10/17/2010
Los Angeles 1/2 marathon: 10/24/2010
San Antonio Full and 1/2 marathons: 11/14/2010
Las Vegas Full and 1/2 marathons: 12/5/10

The races run about $85-$100......BUT, y'all know I'm the queen of cheap! I just got a participant code (from running this past weekend) to get $10 off an event. Hey, its not much, but you're free to use my code if you like! Head on over to http://runrocknroll.competitor.com/register and use the code CHIS10.

Hit the road friends!!

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