back to my british roots

I'm loving this weather we've had for the last couple of days. A little chilly and rainy...its perfect! It gets me into the mood for fall, the holidays, boots and parties.

This weather also gets me back to my (pretend) British heritage. I mean, its rainy and 61 degrees in London and its rainy and 58 degrees here. Can't you see the striking similarities? I want to pull on my riding boots, throw on my Barbour jacket and ride around the hills. Except, I need some riding boots, a Barbour jacket and something to ride around the hills on (I'm not thinking my road bike will do the trick.)

So, folks, who wants to shell out a measly few hundred dollars (or pounds) for one of these beauties:

You can pay retail for them here, but I'd also gladly accept a jacket from Ebay. Happy British weather to you all!

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lesliesloan said...

Have you seen the ones that are made by Lole? It's a hiking women's wear company that I love their clothes LOVE THEM! Anyway, Diamond Brand is having a 20% off Lole line this week and they have a jacket like that in stock and they are GORGEOUS! You would love them. For real. You should come up here tomorrow, go see Drew and Ellie at Montreat and stop by Diamond Brand. :)

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