you know i love a deal

Y'all know I'm really money conscious or thrifty....ok, I'm just cheap. I still like nice things, places and experiences, I'm just not really wanting to pay retail. And since I didn't marry for money, this girl is always looking for a sale.

Which is why I love restaurant.com and searching for discount codes online. Those two things combined earned me a $25 gift certificate for $3 (for The Wine Loft). The $25 certificate was on sale for $10. Then, I entered the code "spork" that I'd found online. Its an additional 70% off.

Now, the real dilemma is here.....who am I taking with me??

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chelsea said...

as your friend who used to work at wine bar, i can wow you with my extensive knowledge of oak-y pinots and fruity cabs. that's right, i know some stuff. or i just pretend to. but really, what's the difference?

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