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Josh and I have two date nights during the week. Its so nice to unplug from the world for a little while and just spend time together. This semester our date nights are Mondays and Thursdays and I really look forward to them.

Some times we spend the evening at the house (cook dinner, watch a movie, whatever) and other times we do activities around town (bike ride, head to Charlotte for dinner, see a play, things that most of the time end up costing money.)

A few months ago I broke Josh's favorite coffee mug. It was a Waffle-House style mug (the old fashioned off-white mugs) that he painted on a double date we went on in college. I lost a lot of our dating memories in the infamous fire of '04, so we were both sad to see the mug in pieces.

So, we decided to go paint new mugs at Art Blooms on Monday.

Josh wasn't quite sure what to paint.
I think the problem is that he's a little too creative at times.

I, on the otherhand, am about 4% creative.
Which is why I used a blue paint with brown speckles in it.
It took approximately 6 minutes to paint 3 coats (including drying time)

Josh found inspiration on his cell phone.
Ahhh, the magic of the Blackberry continues to amaze (and confuse) me.

He painted the pattern of a Rainbow Trout on his mug.
How creative is that??

Stay tuned.....I'll post pictures of our projects next week (after they've been fired and admired by the staff.) I'm sure you can hardly stand waiting to see my blue pot, right?

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