another week, another half

So, I'm a runner. I feel almost confident saying that. I know what stigma I've got about runners and/or running......but I'm still having a hard time joining the ranks.

My friend Allison and I ran the Ridgecrest Half this past weekend. It was my second half marathon and I loved it. My first half (in Charlotte) was really tough, both physically and mentally. But this one was different. I'm not sure if it was running the whole race with a good friend, being in the mountains, watching the sunrise (it was at 6am!) or what....but I enjoyed it. I found myself singing along to my ipod, smiling and even dancing a little bit (if that's even possible while running!)

What were the results? I ran 2:05:47. A new PR for me! It was nearly 19 minutes faster than my time for the Racefest half marathon. And Allison did great too. She finished around the 2:15 mark and finished 14th in our age group! Did I mention that this was Allison's first ever race...of any kind...as in, she's never run a 5k before and just got an awesome time on a half marathon? Yeah, she's a phenom.

And let the picture montage begin!!
before the 6am start:

and after the race:

yes, we wore our medals when we went out to lunch
and yes, allison looks cute and i'm wearing compression socks with running shorts


Mom said...

You are so awesome! Let is be known that you do not have to have running genes to be so awesome. Take good are of yourself.

chelsea said...

it is absolutely, 100% possible to dance and run at the same time. i do it all the time.
also, i'm buying you girls some sunglasses. i don't know how you run without them. also, if you get really big ones, no one notices how stank nasty you look beneath them. (not that you do, i'm just saying it's a plus...for me at least.)

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