If I had $126.74 to spend, I could:
-buy a fabulous pair of shoes
-get a killer haircut
-have my car detailed
-eat 4 times at Poe's

Or I could fix this:

That's right....I've literally cooked so much that I broke my oven. The bottom heating element of my lower oven broke last week. And the total was $126.74. $69.99 of that was just the trip charge. I asked if I picked the repairmen up from their office (which is only 4 miles away) if I could have the trip charge waived. The receptionist didn't think it was that funny.

Ta Da! I give you my very dirty buy fully operational oven:

And does this broken appliance thing sound familiar? Well it should. Three years ago our brand new refrigerator broke while Josh was out in Colorado for Young Life. I was visiting him and came home to the most horrible smell (think formerly frozen chicken now warmed in an 80 degree kitchen...for two weeks.) Turns out our fridge broke right as I was getting on the plane. Then, last summer, our fridge broke again. Same scenario. Hmmm, its like our appliances can tell when Josh is going to be gone for several weeks. They all go on strike and I'm left to sort through labor negotiations and contracts.

And did I mention that our AC broke two weeks ago? And that our dryer broke 6 months ago? And that I bought all of these appliances NEW when we built our house 5 years ago?! Man, they really just do not make good appliances anymore. Or we've just washed too many overalls, yodeler costumes and robert goulet pants.

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