new personal record

This has been a months of repeats and records. I ran my second half-marathon and another 5k....those are my repeats. My records are: 1) shaving 18 minutes off my half marathon time and 2) dropping 3 minutes on my 5k time. Yes, I've been a little running focused recently :)

I ran the Civitan 5k (in Hendersonville) with my friends Bethany and Shannon last Saturday. We got up waaaaay too early to get to the park in time, but still had a great time. Nothing like a run (or a big breakfast afterwards) in the morning to solidify a friendship.

The race was a great course, mix of trails and hills. There were a few muddy spots, but we managed to stay upright and come in with some good times. Speaking of good times....guess who won her age group?? Me and Bethany!!

I was floored. I don't win stuff. And while I've enjoyed running, I feel like I've transitioned into more of a distance runner (where its only the miles that matter) and not necessarily a quick-win-her-age-group kind of runner. Ok, to be honest it was a relatively small race with only 4 girls in my age-group-----but I'm still counting it as both a win and a new personal record. Now, what do I spend my $10 gift certificate on???

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