thirty three never looked so good

Josh is 33 years old today. Wow. 33. I'm shocked; not because of the age but because of the history. Is it really possible that we've been together for nine birthdays? I think about the birthdays that we've celebrated and the years in between....some really blessed and some tough seasons too. But in all of it, I'm so thankful that the Lord has given me Josh to celebrate with. I love him now more than ever and a lot more than I thought was even possible (I'm being serious, not cheesy, promise!)

So cheers to the man that leads me to Jesus, makes me laugh, pursues me, is a steady support, is crazily talented, is passionate about ministry, loves his family, cooks like a mad-man and is somehow reliable and unpredictable at the same time.

So sorry to have taken him off the market ladies :)

love him.

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Sunday Grant Photography said...

aaawww!!! we love josh jones too. i hate we don't see you guys very often. we really should change that pronto!

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