129 days and counting

I think I may have gotten in a little over my head. How far over my head? 26.2 miles to be exact. Oh lawd.

I've been hanging out at Windy Gap the past couple of weeks. Its been great and I've got tons of stories to share....but just this one for now: I've succumb to peer pressure. Yes, its finally gotten to me.

While at camp, I snuck off one day to run a half-marathon with my friend Allie. It was her first half and my second. We had so much fun running and lounging around by the pool after the race. The folks at camp were so encouraging, offering tons of support and pats on the back for us both.

But then the talk began about our next race. We mentioned that we'd signed up for the Rock and Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon and that we were excited about running the race and spending labor day weekend with some of our college girlfriends. Mostly, we got more support. Buuuuuut, we did get a few, "oh, another half? that's good.......so when's your full marathon?"

Excuse me, what? A full marathon? As in 26.2 miles? As in 13.1 miles farther than I've ever run? As in that's long enough to make me bored in a car, and you're asking me to run that?

Then marathoners seriously starting coming out of the woodwork. Here I was recovering from a half marathon, basking in my new PR and I was getting slammed about how much more fun marathons were.

I expected to be peeved....or pissed....or angry. But I wasn't. I was jealous.

I felt like I wasn't a real runner. But these marathoners were. After all, don't know you about a dozen people that have run a half-marathon? But how many people do you know that have run a full marathon?

So, I'm doing it. Peer-pressure may have gotten me to the sign-up......so, hopefully it will carry me across the finish line. Here's to the next 18 weeks of training. Yikes.

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