the fever

we've got the fever.....and the only cure was more twilight.

Yes, I went to the midnight showing of Eclipse last night/this morning. I'm not sure if it was full-fledged twi-hard fan-dom or just some silly fun with good friends, but I had a blast.

Meet my super-cute friends Julia, Julia, Joe and LeeLee:

(please note the ridiculously large cup of coffee that leelee has in her hand)

the line outside the theater.....and leelee's reaction (ok, it was totally staged, a la "the hills" style)

and, of course we had to have paraphernalia displaying our allegiances:

seeing all the crazed tweens outside the theater totally made me think of this:

ahhhhh. crazy times at the concord mall.
now please excuse me while i nap on my desk.
at work.
i'm feeling really old.
and tired.


Lindsey Lee Lancaster Hartsell said...

ok, pictures of me at midnight with my greasy hair slicked back in a headband and my makeup all worn off are SOO not a good look for me!

chelsea said...

i'm so sorry i missed this. it looks like so much fun. and that snl skit made me laugh. hard.

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