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I spent the last few days with some precious families at Windy Gap, the Young Life camp in Asheville, NC. Josh has been on working with Young Life for the past 8 years in Shelby. And over those 8 years we've had hugs, laughs, tears, meals, vacations, prayer and teaching from some of the sweetest people on earth.

This past weekend was the good stuff...three solid days of watching families love each other. It just made me feel warm all over (not like a hot flash....more like getting into a warm car after a cold winter day. yum, love that feeling.)

But pictures are better than words....especially my words. So here are some things that I loved about this past weekend:

1) moms that went "all out"....mom's like my friend Elizabeth who took some serious spills during a round of dizzy bat. what a tough act to follow!

2) friends that love each other, their families and Jesus

3) high school friends that come to family camp.

4) watching families play together. especially when that "play" involves piggy-back rides and flour bombs

5) listening to little kids giggle. is there a sweeter sound?

6) kids cheering for their parents.

7) girl time. do i need to say more?

8) familes that come to family camp even when the kids go away to college or get married. loooove that Baird came from ECU and Cora came (with her husband Jim) from Jackson Hole!

already counting down the days until cleve co family camp 2011!!

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