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I went to a wedding shower for my friend Hef this past weekend. I was supposed to bring a gift associated with the letter "X." I thought about a Xerox machine or a xylophone, but couldn't find either. I ended up settling on using "X" for "XOXO." And then I made this:

Typography is supposed to be really in right now....and since Hef was looking for some fun home decor items, I thought she'd appreciate a little craftiness!

How did I make such an awesome item?! Well, since you asked.......

I bought a really cheap, but ugly, piece of framed art at Salvation Army. This baby set me back $0.50. What an investment!

Then, I took the ugly "art" to Lowe's and had my friend Carl take it apart and cut a piece of glass for me. Cost: $2.32.

I spray painted the frame with a metalic black paint (it also has little flecks of copper in it---so pretty in the sunlight!)

Total cost: $2.82. Wanna make your own? Here's my print (I can send you a PDF it you need one!):

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robin said...

cute, Blair! I love it!

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